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Into the Backing

Apr 11, 2020

Today our round table guests include Master caster Peter Morse, professional photographer and avid angler David Anderson, and guide and entrepreneur Josh Hutchins. On this episode, we explore whether there is such a thing as too easy when it comes to fishing. We also consider the definition of fly fishing and discuss our opinions on whether fishing is a sport. Join us for this stimulating conversation between friends and fishing experts.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [1:15] Is there such a thing as too easy in fishing?
  • [9:15] It all comes down to individual preference
  • [13:55] Are you fishing to eat or fishing for sport
  • [19:48] Nowadays there is a faster progression
  • [26:06] Why is there a controversy?
  • [34:02] Is fly fishing a sport? 
  • [43:22] We all like easy
  • [45:55] Does easy equal boring?